On this auspicious and graceful occasion, thank God we are in good health and enjoying the life that he has been given. The meefx company was founded on the basis of wanting to provide "Halal" and honest transactions so that it can provide convenience for customers to make transactions. The meefx company was founded in the United Kingdom (United Kingdom) in London, and the meefx company is also supervised by the best regulations, namely National Futures Association (NFA) with NFA license number ID: 0544482 this is necessary to protect our clients' transactions in America so that they have a real legal umbrella to carry out trading activities.


As a company that adheres to sharia transactions, we are committed to providing the best, honest service, and of course protecting from all aspects of halal transactions, so that it becomes a blessing in continuing life from time to time.


The meefx company was founded on the basis of compassion, love and a sense of wanting to help all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, race and language. We are committed to providing 50% from the company's profits to be allocated for children who have no parents, poor, hungry, single parent, disaster assistance, and support for education in Islamic boarding schools, orphanages and others that are to establish good morals.

In short, we want to provide the best, honest and lawful transactions without usury, the forex broker that has been sought after by many people in the world. Join and transact with meefx to achieve success together.

Regards, CEO

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