Forex trading has recently become one of the most popular business opportunities. Because this activity can make traders make profits. And of course we know forex is a high return high risk investment. Plus, forex trading has been widely advertised in various media.

The following are some of the advantages of forex trading when compared to other types of trading.

Market open 24 o'clock

The forex market is open 24 hours, according to forex trading hours starting from Monday to Friday, and for Saturday and Sunday the forex market is closed. As for crypto, it is open every day or it can be said that it never closes.

Forex trading is done online and can be anywhere

Currently, forex is an activity that can be done online using a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, it only requires a good and stable network. Forex can be directly transacted only by accessing the MetaTrader software provided by the broker.

Open position

When trading Forex, there are pairs of currencies being traded. Traders only open positions such as Buy or Sell. Thus, forex traders can benefit, both when a currency is weakening or strengthening. In addition, traders can also make transactions in various currencies around the world, so traders will not run out of profit opportunities.

Flexible Time

Forex has very high liquidity or availability of funds. This makes the forex market the largest market in the world. Therefore, the availability of funds in the forex market, when you want to sell, there is always someone who buys. And vice versa, when you want to buy, there is always someone who sells.

Have a demo account

Currently, there are many brokers who provide facilities, one of which is a demo trading account. That way, traders can learn and analyze exactly like real forex trading, but the funds used are virtual, and these facilities are provided free of charge by the broker. This demo account is specifically for beginners who learn before diving directly into the real world of trading.

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